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Portuguese Summer Festivals

Like most European countries, Portugal has its own well-known Summer Festivals in which national and international artists and musicians from all over the world can be seen.

Here are some of the most important Portuguese Summer Festivals.

1. Olá Love 2 Dance
2. Super Bock Super Rock
3. Rock In Rio
4. …
5. …
6. …
7. …
8. …
9. …

1. Olá Love 2 Dance

Olá Love 2 Dance is a musical event which moves all the House Music’s lovers in Portugal. The performances of this event have been getting better and better since its first edition: spectacular performances in charge of a group of great dancers, spectacular scenes and stages, the best DJ’s of the world and powerful multimedia productions that hadn’t been seen before. It has already won two awards of the most respected Portuguese magazines Dance Club and Portugal Night for the Best Event.

Even today, thousands of people don’t miss one single edition of this festival and they all share the same passion for House Music.

This event is annual and occurs on the first days of May. It's located on Pavilhão Atlântico, Parque das Nações in Lisbon and has a duration of eight hours of non-stop House Music.

1.1. Olá Love 2 Dance (3rd May 2003)

In 2003, the Olá’s ice-cream franchising organized the biggest House Music’s event ever made in Portugal in which appeared some of the best DJ’s in that year like Roger Sanchez and Todd Terry. The other great DJ’s were Silicone Soul, Big Louie G, Carlos Manaça, Luís Leite, Diego Mirand, Miss Blondie, and McGovern.

1.2. Olá Love 2 Dance In The Sky (1st May 2004)

In 2004, Olá Love 2 Dance was In The Sky! It was all about the experience of flying and the 2nd Edition of this event started literally In The Sky, with a airplane which flew from Oporto to Lisbon on the day of the event. The airplane landed near Pavilhão Atlântico and immediately after that, the event started with the rhythm of the best international DJ’s like Deep Dish, DJ Sneak, and François Kevorkian and the best national DJ's like Carlos Manaça, Luís Leite, Diego Miranda, and Miss Blondie. Also, there was the biggest screen ever seen on Portugal, two dance stages and zones of entertainment which included flight simulators and a planetarium.

1.3. Olá Love 2 Dance In Wonderland (14th May 2005)

In 2005, Olá Love 2 Dance was In Wonderland and its slogan was "We will transport you to a new, magical and unknown world where everything is possible and nothing is like it seems...”.

It was on the 3rd Edition that thousands of people discovered that coloured world with the sound of the best DJ’s of that time like DJ Tiësto, Steve Lawer, Behrouz, John Creamer, Carlos Manaça, Pete Tha Zouk, and Diego Miranda.

1.4. Olá Love 2 Dance Around The World (6th May 2006)

In 2006, Olá Love 2 Dance was Around The World – a cosmopolitan and urban world in which everybody dances without embarrassment!

On the 4th Edition of the event was represented by DJ’s from a lot of countries: from Netherlands, Sander Kleinenberg; from United States of America, Low End Specialists; from United Kingdom, DJ Sasha; from Japan and Spain, Plastik Funk; from Brazil, DJ Gabo; from Italy, Luca Ricci; and from Portugal, Pete Tha Zouk.

2. Super Bock Super Rock

The creation of Super Bock Super Rock's Festival in 1995 had a huge impact on the Portuguese musical scene. As a precursor of the present Portuguese Summer Festivals, this event was the only one that was held for eleven years and put Portugal on the route of the greatest European Summer Festivals.

The history of this event has been characterized all over the years by its capacity of innovation, dynamism and adaptation. By that, it gained the fame of being a “chameleon” festival and a font of revelation to Portuguese bands. It also opened a door to international bands and made a progress on the musical scene throughout conferences and workshops.

The first editions of Super Bock Super Rock have permitted a closer contact to Portuguese audience, in a way to know better their profile, their passions and their behavior, helping to segment the Festivals on a better way to a public even more informed and selective.

In 2002, the event started to occur in enclosed areas and in others cities: Coimbra, Vigo and Madrid (this one happened in 2003); even the dates of the event were changed, making difference to the rest of the Portuguese Summer Festivals by moving away from the Summer season to another year’s season totally inedited for the realization of other Summer Festivals.

In 2004, Super Bock Super Rock changed its format again and the event started with three days of Rock on open air in Parque Tejo, Parque das Nações, near to Vasco da Gama's bridge, in Lisbon. On the same year, the event started to occur on February in Luanda, Angola.

In 2006, in the middle of the Two Acts of the event, happened the Festa da Cerveja (Beer Party, in English) between 28th May and 5th June and it was free entry to everyone that wanted to drink beers and taste gastronomic delicacies.

Here are the bands that appeared on the several editions of this festival:

2.1. 1st Edition - 1995 (Gare Marítima de Alcântara, Lisbon)

8th July & 9th July
· Jesus & Mary Chain
· Young Gods
· Thunder
· Blind Zero
· Black Company
· Love Bugs
· The Cure
· Faith No More
· Therapy?
· Morphine
· Youssou N’ Dour
· Paulo Medonça

2.2. 2nd Edition – 1996 (Passeio Marítimo de Alcântara – Lisbon)

21st, 22nd & 23rd June
· Spooky
· Delfins
· Xutos & Pontapés
· Paradise Lost
· Nefilim
· D:A:D:
· Moonspell
· The Prodigy
· Massive Attack
· Fluke
· Divine Comedy
· Martin Stephenson
· Da Weasel
· David Bowie
· Neneh Cherry
· Echobelly
· John Mayall & The Bluesbreackers
· Shane McGowan & The Popes
· Primitive Reason
· Flood

2.3. 3rd Edition – 1997 (Passeio Marítimo de Algés – Lisbon)

4th & 5th July
· Simple Minds
· Rage Against The Machine
· 311
· L7
· Subcircus
· Zen
· Apocalyptica
· Echo and The Bunnymen
· Skank
· Ani Di Franco
· Ramp
· Blasted Mechanism

2.4. 4th Edition – 1998 (Praça Sony, Expo’ 98 – Lisbon)

31st July & 1st August
· Morphine
· Fastball
· Mike Scott
· Mikel Erentxun
· Luís Represas
· Zen
· Clã
· Spiritualized
· Van Morrison
· Ala dos Namorados
· DJ’s: Henrique Amaro, Zé Pedro and António Sérgio

2.5. 5th Edition – 1999 (Lisbon, Oporto, and Vila Nova de Gaia)

27th, 28th, 29th & 30th June

· Clã + DJ Rui Vargas (Paradise Garage)
· Atari Teenage Riot (Hard Club)
· Atari Teenage Riot (Coliseu de Lisboa)
· Pinhead Society and Atomic Bees + DJ Rui Estêvão (Paradise Garage)
· Tricky (Coliseu de Lisboa)
· Jimi Tenor (Aula Magna)
· Supernova + DJ António (Paradise Garage)
· Skunk Anansie (Coliseu do Porto)
· Transglobal Underground (Hard Club)
· Skunk Anansie (Coliseu de Lisboa)
· Transglobal Underground (Aula Magna)
· Coldfinger + DJ Henrique Amaro (Paradise Garage)

1st, 2nd & 3rd July
· Faithless (Coliseu de Lisboa)
· Three and a Quarter + DJ Luís Varatojo and The Gift (Hard Club)
· DJ Gusgus (Aula Magna)
· More República Masónica + DJ Calado (Paradise Garage)
· Spain (Hard Club)
· Spain (Aula Magna)
· Sonora Bela Vista (Paradise Garage)

4th, 5th & 6th July
· Ben Harper (Coliseu de Lisboa)
· Anger + DJ António Freitas (Paradise Garage)
· Zen (Hard Club)
· The Creatures (Coliseu de Lisboa)
· Silence 4 (Aula Magna)
· The Creatures (Coliseu do Porto)
· UB40 + Kussondulola (Paraça Sony)

2.6. 6th Edition – 2000 (Lisbon, Oporto, and Vila Nova de Gaia)

3rd, 4th, 5th & 6th March
· Bush (Coliseu do Porto)
· Mojave 3 + Phase (Paradise Garage)
· Mojave + Phase (Hard Club)
· Bush (Coliseu de Lisboa
· Tim (Hard Club)
· Beck + Beth Orton (Coliseu de Lisboa)
· L7 (Hard Club)
· Bloodhound Gang + Goldfinger (Paradise Garage)
· Workshop of Percussion – José Salgueiro of Trovante (Coliseu de Lisboa)
· Workshop of Guitar – Gonçalo Pereira (Coliseu do Porto)

7th, 8th & 9th March
· Bloodhound Gang + Goldfinger (Hard Club)
· L7 (Paradise Garage)
· Workshop of Drums – Kalu of Xutos & Pontapés (Coliseu de Lisboa)
· Workshop of Percussion – José Salgueiro of Trovante (Coliseu do Porto)
· Atomic Bees + Pee Wee Montana (Paradise Garage)
· Workshop of Guitar – Gonçalo Pereira (Coliseu de Lisboa)
· Workshop of Drums - Kalu of Xutos & Pontapés (Coliseu do Porto)
· Da Weasel (Hard Club)
· Rollana Beat + Switch.Com (Paradise Garage)
· Tim (Aula Magna)
· Workshop of Hi-Fi Sampling – Arkham (Coliseu de Lisboa)
· Workshop of Keyboards Vintage – João Gomes of Cool Hipnoise/Space Boys (Coliseu do Porto)

10th, 11th & 12th March
· Paralamas do Sucesso (Hard Club)
· Ornatos Violeta + Turbojunkie (Aula Magna)
· Slamo + Plastica (Paradise Garage)
· Workshop of Hi-Fi Sampling – Arkham (Coliseu do Porto)
· Workshop of Keyboards Vintage – João Gomes of Cool Hipnoise/Space Boys (Coliseu de Lisboa)
· Ornatos Violeta + Turbojunkie (Hard Club)
· Travis + Id Portico (Coliseu de Lisboa)
· Paralamas do Sucesso (Paradise Garage)
· Travis + Id Portico (Coliseu do Porto)
· Guano Apes (Coliseu de Lisboa)

13th, 14th & 15th March
· Guano Apes (Coliseu do Porto)
· More República Masónica (Paradise Garage)
· Ben Harper + Joseph Arthur (Coliseu do Porto)
· Day One + Caffeine (Aula Magna)
· DJ Gusgus (Hard Club)
· Ben Harper + Joseph Arthur (Coliseu de Lisboa)

2.7. 7th Edition – 2001 (Lisbon, Oporto ,and Vila Nova de Gaia)

26th February to 25th March

Deftones + Taproot (Coliseu de Lisboa)
Deftones + Taproot (Coliseu de Porto)
Clã (Hard Club)
Clã (Hard Club)
Finley Quaye + Eye (Coliseu do Porto)
Finley Quaye + Eye (Aula Magna)
Calexico + Shannon Wright (Paradise Garage)
Calexico + Shannon Wright (Hard Club)
Palma's Gang (Paradise Garage)
Palma's Gang (Hard Club)
Kane (Paradise Garage)
Kane (Hard Club)
Workshop of Percussion and Dance - Djamboonda (Fnac Chiado) Goldfrapp (Hard Club)
Workshop of Percussion and Dance - Djamboonda (Fnac Santa Catarina)
Goldfrapp (Aula Magna)
Da Lata (Paradise Garage)
Da Lata (Hard Club)
Shivaree (Paradise Garage)
The Young Gods (Hard Club)
Frank Black & The Catholics (Aula Magna) Sisters of Mercy (Coliseu do Porto)
The Young Gods (Aula Magna)
New Super Groups (Paradise Garage):Hi-Fi Jô + Terrakota + Yellow W Van + Toranja + One + Big Me
Less Than Jake + Frenzal Rhomb (Paradise Garage)
Less Than Jake + Frenzal Rhomb (Hard Club)
Benjamin Diamond (Club Mau Mau) New Super Groups (Hard Club): Outbreak + LF Cool + Mesa + André Indiana + Tendrills + Buena ‘Come Together' – Tribute to The Beatles (Pavilhão Atlântico)
Sunna (Hard Club)
‘Come Together' – Tribute to The Beatles (Coliseu do Porto)
Sunna (Paradise Garage)
Placebo (Coliseu de Lisboa)
‘Come Together' – Tribute to The Beatles (Coliseu do Porto)

2.8. 8th Edition – 2002 (Lisbon, Oporto, Vila Nova de Gaia, and Vigo)

4th to 7th March

· Zita Swoon (aula Magna)
· Zita Swoon (Hard Club)
· System of a Down + The Dilinger Escape Plan (Pavilhão OAF/Solum)
· System of a Down + The Dilinger Escape Plan (Coliseu de Lisboa)
· Tomahawk + Dälek (Hard Club)
· Tomahawk + Dälek (Aula Magna)

8th to 11th March

· Grace (Hard Club)
· K’s Choice (Coliseu de Lisboa)
· K’s Choice (Hard Club)
· Muse (Aula Magna)
· Workshop “An Evening with Hip-Hop” – Fnac Norteshopping
· Muse (Hard Club)
· Workshop “An Evening with Hip-Hop” – Fnac Colombo
· Weezer (Coliseu de Lisboa)

12th to 14th March

· Weezer (Coliseu do Porto)
· Cool Hipnoise (Paradise Garage)
· Afinidades - Clã + Sérgio Godinho (Coliseu de Lisboa)
· Lamb (Pavilhão OAF/Solum)
· Tom Barman (Hard Club)
· Lamb (Coliseu do Porto)
· Tom Barman (Paradise Garage)
· Da Weasel + Orishas (Pavilhão OAF/Solum)

15th to 17th March

· Lamb (Coliseu de Lisboa)
· Tom Barman (Teatro Gil Vicente)
· Da Weasel + Orishas (Teatro Sá da Bandeira)
· Scorpions (Pavilhão Atlântico)
· Da Weasel + Orishas (Coliseu de Lisboa)
· Yellow W Van (Hard Club)
· Zen (Hard Club)

18th to 20th March

· Scorpions (Coliseu do Porto)
· New Super Groups (Paradise Garage)
· Pete Yorn (Hard Club)
· Yellow W Van (Paradise Garage)
· Scorpions (Pabellón As Travesas, Vigo)
· New Super Groups (Hard Club)
· Pete Yorn (Paradise Garage)

2.9. 9th Edition – 2003 (Lisbon, Oporto, Vila Nova de Gaia, Évora, and Madrid)

27th to 30th March
· Charlie Brown Júnior + Juice (Paradise Garage)
· Charlie Brown Júnior + Juice (Hard Club)
· Charlie Brown Júnior + Juice (Évora)
· Madrugada + Hello Goodbye (Hard Club)
· Madrugada + Hello Goodbye (Paradise Garage)

1st to 4th April
· De La Soul + Sam The Kid + Micro + Fuse (Coliseu do Porto)
· De La Soul + Sam The Kid + Micro + Mundo Complexo (Coliseu de Lisboa)
· Trash Palace + Zentex + Antalgic + DJ’s Plagia + Pitt Bull + Yari + Pan Sorbe (Paradise Garage)
· Xutos & Pontapés (Évora)
· Trash Palace + Zentex + Antalgic + DJ’s Plagia + Pitt Bull + Yari + Pan Sorbe + Blasted Mechanism (Hard Club)
· Beth Gibbons & Rustin’ Man (Coliseu de Lisboa)
· Lemon Jelly (Hard Club)

5th to 8th April
· Lemon Jelly (Paradise Garage)
· Beth Gibbons & Rustin’ Man (Coliseu do Porto)
· Los Planetas (Aula Magna)
· New Super Groups (Paradise Garage)
· New Super Groups (Hard Club)

9th to 12th April
· Coldplay + Feeder (Pavilhão Atlântico)
· Coldplay + Feeder (Vista Alegre Palace, Madrid)
· Los Planetas (Aula Magna)

2.10. 10th Edition – 2004 (Parque do Tejo, Parque das Nações – Lisbon)

Super Bock Stage
9th to 11th June
· Linkin Park
· Muse
· Static-X
· Pleymo
· N.E.R.D.
· Nelly Furtado
· Avril Lavigne
· Reamonn
· Los Hermanos
· Fatboy Slim
· Massive Attack
· Lenny Kravitz
· Pixies
· Hundred Reasons
· Liars

Quinta dos Portugueses Stage
9th to 11th June
· Da Weasel
· Blasted Mechanism
· Anger
· Yellow W Van
· Fonzie
· Outer Skin
· David Fonseca
· Toranja
· Gomo
· Dealema
· Patrícia Faria
· Boitezuleika
· Clã
· Pluto
· Wraygunn
· André Indiana
· X-Wife
· Loosers

2.11. 11th Edition – 2005 (Parque do Tejo, Parque das Nações – Lisbon)

Super Bock Super Rock Stage
27th to 29th May
· The Prodigy
· System of a Down
· Incubus
· The Eighties Matchbox B-Line Disaster
· Louie
· Moby
· New Order
· The Black Eyed Peas
· The Hives
· Turbonegro
· Flipsyde
· Marilyn Manson
· Audioslave
· Iggy and The Stooges
· Slayer
· Mastodon
· Wednesday 13

Quinta dos Portugueses Stage
27th to 29th May
· Blasted Mechanism
· The Temple
· Primitive Reason
· Tara Perdida
· Bizarra Locomotiva
· Black Sunrise
· The Gift
· Loto
· Expensive Soul
· Fonzie
· Easyway
· Boss AC
· Blend
· Blind Zero
· Wraygunn
· Bunnyranch
· Ramp
· More Than a Thousand

2.12. 12th Edition – 2006 (Parque do Tejo, Parque das Nações – Lisbon)

Main Stage
Quinta dos Portugueses Stage
25th to 26th May
· Korn
· Within Temptation
· Soulfly
· Moonspell
· Ramp
· Tool
· Placebo
· Deftones
· Alice In Chains
· Primitive Reason
· Bizarra Locomotiva
· Cinemuerte
· Twenty Inch Burial
· Devil In Me
· Vicious 5
· X-Wife
· If Lucy Fell
· DaPunkSportif

Main Stage
Quinta dos Portugueses Stage
7th to 8th June
· Franz Ferdinand
· Keane
· The Cult
· dEUS
· Editors
· Patrice
· 50 Cent
· Pharell Williams
· Boss AC
· Kalibrados
· The Legendary Tiger Man
· Linda Martini
· Peace Revolution
· The Weatherman
· Mind Da Gap
· Factos Reais
· Mercado Negro
· Colectivo BomberJack

3. Rock In Rio

Rock In Rio is a festival which was organized by the Brazilian entrepreneur Roberto Medina.
Rock In Rio I was realized for the first time in Rio de Janeiro in 1985 on an area which had been constructed specially for the event. The area that stays in the neighbourhood of Japarepaguá became known as the “City of Rock” (“Cidade do Rock”) and counted with the biggest stage of the world which was equal to five Woodstock’s Festivals.
The fame of the event happened with the fact that, at that time, the biggest international musicians and groups had never been to South America and, for the first time, Brazilians would see their pop and rock idols closely.

Thanks to the enormous success of the first event, Medina promoted Rock In Rio II in 1991 which was established in Maracanã’s Football Stadium.

After a new gap, Rock In Rio III was realized in 2001 and was established on the same local of the first event. There were created others tents like “Electro Tent” (electronic music), “Brazilian Tent” (Brazilian popular music), “Roots Tent” (African music), and “Better World Tent" (international music). This event has received the name “For a Better World” which was marked on the first day of the event with a symbolic act of five minutes of silence before the first music act. This symbolic act represented the request for world peace.

The next Rock In Rio IV is going to be realized again in 2014 because the World Cup will happen in Brazil.

This event internationalized for the first time in 2004 with Rock In Rio Lisbon. The organization chose Lisbon’s Bela Vista Park to build the “City of Rock”. The support was successful and the money of sold tickets was collected for helping Portuguese social institutions. On this event was a “World Stage” where international and national musicians and groups were going to act and were created other tents like “Electronic Tent” (electronic music), “For a Better World Tent” (documentaries and seminaries for the world peace), and “Roots Tent” (world music).

Some days later from the first event in Lisbon, Medina says to the press that "Rock In Rio Lisbon has come to stay!" and realized the second event in 2006. On this event were new things to discover like the “Kids Area” (where you could leave your children that someone from the organization would take care of and they would have fun activities to do), “Radical Area” (where were lots of sports activities like snowboard and they had workshops for those sporting events), "Hot Stage" (for the acts of the new talented national and international musicians or groups), and "VIP Tent" (reserved for famous personalities where they could have comfort and beauty treatments to do and the most delicious Portuguese gastronomy from a biogourmet menu).

In 2008, it’s planned to have Rock In Rio in Lisbon, Madrid, and Spain.

3.1. Rock In Rio I – 1985 (Rio de Janeiro)

11th to 14th January
· Ney Matogrosso
· Erasmo Carlos
· Baby Consuelo and Pepeu Gomes
· Whitesnake
· Iron Maiden
· Queen
· Ivan Lins
· Elba Ramalho
· Gilberto Gil
· Al Jarreau
· James Taylor
· George Benson
· Os Paralamas do Sucesso
· Lulu Santos
· Blitz
· Nina Hagen
· Go Go’s
· Rod Stewart
· Moraes Moreira
· Alceu Valença
· George Benson
· James Taylor

15th to 17th January
· Kid Abelha & Os Abóboras Selvagens
· Eduardo Dusek
· Barão Vermelho
· Scorpions
· Os Paralamas do Sucesso
· Moraes Moreira
· Rita Lee
· Ozzy Osbourne
· Rod Stewart
· Alceu Valença
· Elba Ramalho
· Al Jarreau
· Yes

18th to 20th January
· Kid Abelha & Os Abóboras Selvagens
· Eduardo Dusek
· Lulu Santos
· B-52’s
· Go Go’s
· Queen
· Baby Consuelo and Pepeu Gomes
· Whitesnake
· Ozzy Osbourne
· Scorpions
· Erasmo Carlos
· Barão Vermelho
· Gilberto Gil
· Blitz
· Nina Hagen
· B-52’s
· Yes

3.2. Rock In Rio II – 1991 (Maracanã)

18th to 20th January
· Prince
· Joe Cocker
· Colin Hay
· Jimmy Cliff
· Santana
· Billy Idol
· Engenheiros do Hawaii
· Supla
· Vid & Sangue Azul
· Guns N’ Roses
· Billy Idol
· Faith No More
· Titãs
· Honoi Honoi

22nd to 24th January
· New Kids On The Block
· Run DMC
· Roupa Nova
· Inimigos do Rei
· Guns N’ Roses
· Judas Priest
· Queensryche
· Megadeth
· Lobão
· Sepultura
· Prince
· Santana
· Laura Finokiaro
· Alceu Valença
· Serguei

25th to 27th January
· George Michael
· Dee-Lite
· Elba Ramalho
· Ed Motta
· Happy Mondays
· Paulo Ricardo
· A-Ha
· Debbie Gibson
· Information Society
· Capital Inicial
· Nenhum de Nós
· George Michael
· Lisa Stansfield
· Dee-Lite
· Moraes and Pepeu
· Leo Jaime

3.3. Rock In Rio III - 2001 (Rio de Janeiro)

12th to 18th January
· Sting
· Daniela Mercury
· James Taylor
· Milton Nascimento
· Gilberto Gil
· Orquestra Sinfónica Brasileira
· R.E.M.
· Foo Fighters
· Beck
· Barão Vermelho
· Fernanda Abreu
· Cassia Eller
· Guns N’ Roses
· Oasis
· Papa Roach
· Ira! and Ultraje a Rigor
· Carlinhos Brown
· Pato Fu
· ‘N Sync
· Britney Spears
· Five
· Sandy & Júnior
· Moraes Moreira
· Aaron Carter

19th to 21st January
· Iron Maiden
· Rob Halford
· Sepultura
· Queens of The Stone Age
· Pavilhão 9
· Sheik Tosado
· Neil Young
· Dave Matthews Band
· Sheryl Crow
· Kid Abelha
· Engenheiros do Hawaii
· Elba Ramalho and Zé Ramalho
· Red Hot Chili Peppers
· Silverchair
· Capital Inicial
· Deftones
· O Surto
· Diesel

3.4. Rock In Rio Lisbon – 2004

World Stage
28th May to 30th May
· Paul McCartney
· Gilberto Gil
· Rui Veloso
· Jet
· Ben Harper
· Peter Gabriel
· Seether
· Xutos & Pontapés
· Charlie Brown Júnior
· Kings of Leon
· Evanescence
· Foo Fighters
4th to 6th June
· Moonspell
· Sepultura
· Slipknot
· Incubus
· Metallica
· Nuno Norte
· João Pedro Pais
· Sugababes
· Britney Spears
· Black Eyed Peas
· Daniela Mercury
· Luís Represas
· Ivete sangalo
· Alejandro Sanz
· Alicia Keys
· Sting
· Pedro Abrunhosa

3.5. Rock In Rio Lisbon – 2006

World Stage
26th to 2nd June
· Shakira
· Jamiroquai
· Ivete Sangalo
· Guns N’ Roses
· The Darkness
· Xutos & Pontapés
· Pitty
· Roger Waters
· Carlos Santana
· Rui Veloso
· Jota Quest

3rd to 4th June
· Red Hot Chili Peppers
· Da Weasel
· Kasabian
· Orishas
· Sting
· Anastacia
· Corinne Bailey Era
· Marcelo D2

Hot Stage
26th to 2nd June
· Expensive Soul
· Fingertips
· Room 74
· Kill The Young
· Living Things
· Wraygunn
· Starsailor
· Zé Ricardo
· Hands On Approach

3rd to 4th June
· Sandra de Sá
· Fonzie
· Tara Perdida
· The Gathering
· The Elected
· Mesa

Electronic Tent
26th to 2nd June
· Groove Armada
· David Guetta
· Luís Leite
· HP Tocarufar Project
· Carl Cox
· Marco Bailey
· Trevor Rockliffe
· Jim Masters
· Body & Soul NYC
· François K
· Joaquin “Joe” Claussell
· Danny Krivit

3rd to 4th June
· Soulwax presents Night Versions
· 2 Many DJ’s
· DJ Headman
· DJ Kitten
· Zig Zag Warriors
· Danny Tenaglia
· DJ Vibe
· Behrouz
· Tó Ricciardi

(to be continued…)


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